REGISTRATION FEES: $25.00 per year per new or returning student. For families of three or more students, Registration Fees are $60 for the whole family. Registration fees last for one dance year only. REGISTRATION FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

TUITION FEES: Tuition is non-refundable regardless of missed classes due to vacation, illness, school holidays, etc. Tuition is due the 1st of each month. Tuition is averaged across the entire ten month regular dance season running August 2019-May 2020.

No Make-up classes will be available, or are owed, to students for sanctioned school/studio holiday breaks and/or family vacations. Make-up classes for student illness may be available on a limited basis per individual in specific classes only. Please check with the front desk.

*IMPORTANT: Upon enrollment, you must provide a credit card, debit card, or checking account number to be placed on file in Bunker Dance Center, Inc.’s autopay tuition system. There is a 2% surcharge added to all autopay transactions through Studio Director as well as all in-person credit/debit transactions. Tuition may be paid via check or cash before the first of every month if you do not wish to utilize the autopay system. Nevertheless, a credit/debit/checking account must be placed on file with Bunker Dance Center, Inc. to ensure tuition is paid in full.*

$55.00 for 45 minute Musical Movement Classes
$63.00 for Single enroll, 1 hr per week
$60.00 for Second enroll in immediate family
$57.00 for Third and subsequent enrolls in immediate family
$66.00 for Fairytale Ballet enroll

COSTUME FEES: Costume fees for annual dance concert range from $110-$140 per costume, and are due on November 13, 2020. If paid after the deadline, a $20 late fee will be added to each costume to cover individual processing and ordering costs. Costume fees do not apply to 2020 Summer Session I and II. COSTUME FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

RECITAL FEES: Recital Fees for annual dance concert range from $115-$195 per family, depending on the amount of recital numbers (eg, “stage time”) your children receive. Recital Fees are due January 15, 2020, and do NOT include a block of free tickets. Tickets will be available for purchase through The Smith Center. Recital Fees pay for the rental of The Smith Center Reynolds Theater, sound, lighting, mandatory security, programs, etc.. Recital Fees do not apply to 12 week sessions or 2020 Summer Session I and II. RECITAL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

ENROLLMENT CANCELLATION: In the event of a dropped class, please contact info@bunkerdancecenter.com, or notify the front desk 30 days prior to dropping. You will be given or emailed a cancellation form, which must be promptly completed and returned.

Dress Code

Please review the dress attire requirements below. Your child is expected to adhere to this code. Please purchase a dance bag for your child and LABEL ALL SHOES as well. For your child’s benefit, dress code will be strictly monitored. *Boys dress code is different please check with the front desk!

General Classes

**All classes now require dancers to wear their hair in a BUN, except Hip-Hop which requires hair off of face**

Dance Club / Ensemble Teams

**All classes now require dancers to wear their hair in a BUN, except Hip-Hop which requires hair off of face**

Important Dates 2020

Studio Rules

1. Do not drop off children early. They are unsupervised until they step foot into the studio to receive dance instruction from their teacher.
2. Pick children up on time. Again, after their class is over they are not under any adult supervision.
3. No food or drink allowed anywhere in the studio except for water. (Food and drink are allowed in the viewing corridors only.)
4. No Gum!
5. No cell phones allowed in studios. No phone calls or texting during class time.
6. No parents or siblings are allowed within the actual dance studio. Please do not enter the studio to talk to your child’s teacher. Wait for them to exit the studio or leave a message at the front desk. Please be courteous of the next class.
7. Please be courteous to others in the waiting room by taking unruly and/or tired siblings outside for a walk or ride in the car if they aren’t able to wait for the entire hour. Please be courteous to all trying to watch classes at the viewing windows — take turns!
8. Please send your child to dance prepared to learn, dressed according to code with hair pulled back and dance shoes in dance bag. Please label all shoes and bags with name!
9. Dress Rehearsal for the annual dance concert is CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC! You may only enter the theatre to video tape your child’s number during rehearsal and then you must exit the theatre.
10. Videotaping at the annual dance concert is not allowed. You may only videotape at Dress Rehearsal and the Holiday Open House. Professional videotapes of the dance concert are available for purchase.