6 Reasons Why Dance is the Best Sport for Your Child

Article by Yulita Zavada

Whether you’re the proud parent of a seasoned dancer, or just starting to wonder if you should sign your kids up for dance in the first place, there’s nothing like watching your child light up when they come to dance class. While dance is mainly seen as an art form, the fact of the matter is that dance is so much more than just a performance. As well as an enriching creative outlet for your child, it is also a demanding and competitive sport that requires the passion, discipline, and structure expected of any athlete. The lessons a dancer will learn early on have the ability to propel them forward into the dance world and throughout life.

At Bunker Dance Center Las Vegas, we are dedicated to providing your child with a fun and fulfilling experience all while they develop their physical strength, resilience and character through our carefully crafted courses designed to make your dance dreams come true! Read on to see why enrolling your child in dance may be one of their most rewarding experiences. 

  1. Discipline: Dancers know that discipline goes beyond showing up to class prepared and on time. Dancers need to exercise discipline in how they treat their bodies and manage their time outside of class too. Just as any athlete, dancers need to supplement their successes with proper nutrition, healthy sleep habits and more. Bunker dancers know that the best dancers train around the clock and with purpose.
  1. Practice: This goes hand in hand with discipline. Being a good dancer means showing up to dance classes and practicing. Being a GREAT dancer means practicing outside of the studio too! This can mean stretching in your off time, going over choreography you learned in class, or practicing that pirouette. Just as with anything, practice really does make perfect!
  1. Teamwork: At Bunker Dance Studio, we hold all of our dancers to the highest standard and understand that everyone has something special to bring to the floor. We also know that working as a team is an important element to getting the most out of every class and rehearsal. Teamwork is so important to us, that every year, the Bunker team comes together for our annual Christmas show because let’s face it – everyone needs a little Christmas! 
  1. Strength: Many people struggle to see dance as a sport, but the work that goes into a perfect turn out is far more demanding than it may seem. Dancers need to be strong, flexible, and connected to their bodies in a way that other sports don’t have room for. Dancers need the stamina to endure hours of practice, strength to execute moves with precision, and flexibility to protect from injury.  It’s safe to say that dance may very well be one of the most physically demanding sports out there. Knowing this, we offer classes such as Body Maintenance to all of our dancers to promote body awareness, proper alignment, and strength to stay competitive and strong.  
  1. Competition: At Bunker, we are always challenging our dancers to develop a healthy and positive understanding of competition. Dancers aren’t just competing with different teams, they’re also competing with each other and themselves. Every year, we see our dancers grow and learn from their wins and everything in between. Competition is a process and the Bunker family is going to be there every step of the way! 
  1. Fun: The most necessary element to being a great dancer and athlete is to love what you do. Putting your passion into practice is not only fulfilling as an artist or an athlete but also exciting and invigorating as a person. We are so excited to help pave the most fun and innovative way for our dancers to make their dance dreams come true!